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Goodbye WordPress! You’re on your own now!

The long view


Well a short post basically just reflecting my euphoria at having transferred my old self-hosted WordPress site to this one. The site now consists of two parts a static site and a blog.

ALKWebDev.com is now totally independent of WordPress all except for this blog section. Now I just need a little more work on incorporating the header and footer from the main site to make everything look totally consistent and bobs your uncle.

There’s been a fair amount of work involved but now I’ve done it once I will implement new client sites using this model i.e a static site with a WordPress blog. This permits a better looking responsive static site (IMO) containing contact information, business overview etc. but still allows the client to have a user-friendly mechanism to independently provide content in a “safe” environment.

Don’t forget to try the “Back” menu entry to see the rest of the non-WordPress site 🙂

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