Portfolio Demo Web Application

Rather than getting me to spout keywords and acronyms why not play around with one of my latest web applications hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

You can’t break anything.

Try it on your phone by clicking on the link below:

Mobile Catalog Application

Enter the app with the email coca@cola.com and password abcABC123()

Add the app to your phone Home screen and you’ll see it behaves like a native application (using Chrome, select the vertical three dot menu icon top right and choose “Add to Home screen”).

Responsive, cross-platform web application

Being a responsive web application it will work on Android and iOS devices. It can naturally be accessed via a normal desktop browser on Windows, Linux and Apple machines.

If you’re paying for native app development targeting Android and Apple devices separately I’m sure you can appreciate what cost savings can be achieved using a cross-platform application.

Note: This is a staging version of the application and hence patience is needed for it first start up as it can be taken out of cache if not used in a while. It can take up to 40s to start.

A staging version is used for development of new features and bug fixes.

The application uses AR (Augmented Reality) to display catalog items against whatever the phone camera is pointed at.

Get in touch if you’d like a guided demo.

The lost art of handwriting

I’ve got pretty ugly handwriting, but writing is something I enjoy doing. (I’m also pretty mediocre on the guitar but enjoy doing that too.)

And although bound to a keyboard and mouse for most of my working life I do use a pen and paper for sketching ideas, usually in the form of UML diagrams.

Not only do I use a pen, but quite often I use a fountain pen; a Pelikan I bought some 20 years ago in Madrid.

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Using a web site as a business card

We all carry phones/tablets, so why not do as one of my clients has done and consider using a web site as a business card or to show off a portfolio.

I recently put together a small site for a creative client to effectively use as her electronic business card. When meeting a potential client who asks after examples of her work, she can immediately show digital high-definition images.

If you can imagine a life situation where this might be useful to you, feel free to get in touch.

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Using Google apps to teach English online

They say that the secret to learning is repetition and this couldn’t be more true than when it comes to learning a second language.

To this end here’s how I am using Google apps to teach English online. I am specifically using Hangouts and Docs, in teaching English to my students.

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Trust the universe when colour matters

Finding the base colour

I let nature choose the colours for my website design; it could be said I put trust in the universe when it came to matters of colours and combinations thereof.

Nature is the great visible engine of creativity, against which all other creative efforts are measured.

Terence McKenna

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