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Custom business web application?

I put the figure as being between 15 and 25.

What figure is that? I hear you ask.

Well it’s the minimum number of employees in a company above which paying for a custom web application becomes cost effective.

(This number could of course be lower depending on how lucrative the organization is.)

Lets take a look at a case study, namely a business with 25 employees.

At the end of each month someone manually has to trawl through Excel sheets and make calculations based on disparate bits of information. Note that the Excel sheets could well be out of date and it is the manual human input that makes things just work. I think we can assume that a minimum of 25 hours of work would be needed to get these people paid; that’s 25 hours each and every month!

Now imagine extracting the business rules, employee data, hours worked, locations, pay rates and incorporating them into a web application. A web application with a rock-solid database at its core (either on your premises or in the cloud) and a “browser of your choice” front-end. An application you could restrict to your company local area network or (with stringent security requirements) accessed via the web anywhere via phone, tablet, PC etc.

Then imagine generating graphical reports based on your database that may enable you find inefficiencies, imagine that the investment in a web application that not only lightens your workload but actually pays for itself!

If all this sounds appealing then ALK Web Dev can provide you with a custom solution, feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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