Nexus 4 Android phone. A year on.

I’d been looking to replace my Samsung S2+ Android phone for quite a while, and as soon as I saw the Nexus 4 price drop to €199 in November 2013, due to the imminent release of the Nexus 5, I went for it.

It was an impulsive purchase but I managed to get a fair price for the S2+ advertising it on

So how did that snap decision a year and a bit ago turn out?

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Android Lollipop on the Nexus 4

Strange the knock-on effects of a new release of Android. I flashed the factory image of Android 5.0 or Lollipop some 20 minutes after Google made it available and have been very pleased with it ever since, no problems whatsoever. The phone feels smoother, battery life appears to have improved, it’s great when a software change has these sorts of consequences.

Let’s see what the unexpected effect of a new version of the Android software on my phone has meant for my web site…

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KeePass password management for WordPress

Passwords; we’re always told how important it is to use passwords that will help us be secure on the web.

If one only has a couple to remember I recommend using hard to remember passwords and carrying them with you written down. But who only has a couple of passwords nowadays?

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Android photography apps that I use

I like taking photos and I like having a camera always with me. What I don’t, or didn’t, like was gingerly getting my glass front-and-backed phone out, waiting for a sluggish application to open and taking a poor quality and often un-focussed picture. Here’s some of the android photography apps that I use.

The delicacy of my phone I have to live with, though using the Ringke Fusion case gives a modicum of comfort, but the recent updates Google has made to the camera app have made a significant difference. The updates in question being from the 4.4 version of Android known as KitKat to 4.4.1 and finally to 4.4.2

This huge difference actually means, getting back into the habit of using the phone to take photos. I enjoy post-processing photos I’ve taken and I’m currently juggling apps. Google has both a Gallery and a Photos app; I also use “Snapseed” extensively.

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