Hemanos Conde label

Hermanos Conde flamenco guitar

It’s with heavy heart, but I feel it’s time to sell my beloved guitar.

We’ve been together for nearly twenty years and I’ve countless hours playing her, but I’ve been playing less and less of late. The guitar is a severe mistress and demands constant time and attention. I’d be really happy for the guitar to go to someone who would give her the attention she needs.

As Andrés Segovia was reputed to have said:

If I don’t practice one day, I can tell . . .
If I don’t practice two days, my guitar can tell . . .
If I don’t practice three days, my audience can tell

I took the opportunity to create a page about the guitar, follow the link below for more information about this beautiful and powerful sounding flamenco guitar made in 1994 in the Felipe V premises of Hermanos Conde in Madrid.